Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Matchmaker, Make me a Match

The new season of The Bachelor began a few weeks ago. The new bachelor, Matt, is perfect. He's handsome, British, impeccable manners, a true gentleman. It's a shame I cannot say the same for the women competing for his "love." I don't think you can find love on a reality show. We saw that last season with Brad Womack choosing no one in the end.

Yes, I believe it's possible to fall in love after only a short time of being with someone, but then again I've never felt that way so I can't discuss the issue to great lengths. What I do know though, is that dating in the real world is hard. It's a world where traditional meet ups have expired and online dating had taken its place making the opposite sex profoundly accessible to find; dates based on a few simple questions and photos -this rarely turn into a fairy tale.

What happened to meeting men the old fashioned way? The last guy I met in a bar turned out to have a severe case of ADD and the one before him was a bit of an alcoholic - not the ideal man to bring home to mom and dad. Giving a shot, I discovered that all you have to judge by is a profile filled with [occasionally] little white lies and outdated pictures.

A few posts ago, I introduced you to Mr. X, the borderline insane date I had last fall. I recently found out that Mr. X actually has a girlfriend - and has been with her well before and long after we had our date. How did I come across this information? He walked right into the gym I'm currently working at part-time and said "I'm here to pick up my girlfriend, can I go in?" - it took me about 5 minutes to place where I knew this guy from and when it clicked and I saw who the girlfriend was, I was astonished.


One of the photos he sent me before our date was a picture of the two of them. I'm not sure what he's playing at, but I do know that his profile is still up on makes finding dates easy, but not love. I try to be optimistic but the thought that continues to cross my mind is that what if I seriously start dating someone from match and things start to get rocky, like most relationships do. Many times those relationships weather out the storm...but what is to keep that person from jumping back on match to look for someone new?

Pessimism isn't very becoming and I'm trying to flush those thoughts away.

I suppose that since life isn't always easy to navigate, then love shouldn't be either. It will come when it's supposed to. Still, sometimes I wish to sing out like Hodel from Fiddler on the Roof....
"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, Catch me a catch......Look through your book and make me the perfect match....."


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