Monday, July 14, 2008

A Bachelorette Extravaganza

This past weekend I traveled up to Atlantic City to celebrate my friend A's upcoming nuptials. When this particular group of friends get together, drama and excitement is a guarantee. A was decked out in her pink bachelorette sash, tiara, diamond shaped shot-glass ring and a white tank that said "Bride." The rest of us, dressed in black shirts, took A over to the Borgata for dinner, drinks, and of course......a fabulously drunken time.

After dinner at Specchio, we hit the casino for a bit and then migrated into B Bar. There, we decided it would be a brilliant idea to play power hour with our diamond shot glass rings - the only problem is that the shot glass ring is less than half the size of a real shot. Regardless, we had fun with our rings. We met several groups of bachelors, and schmoozed with them long enough for them to buy us a round.

Next we headed to Mixx, a club at the Borgata. Shot after shot....after drink....A insisted that we all take a shot of Absolut, her favorite. After another hour she could barely walk. True to our history, she punched someone for calling her a light weight, yelled at the valet, called some girls staring at her fat asses, and continued with a severe case of cursing-tourette syndrome until we got her to bed. It was funny, fun and familiar....I miss these friends so much!

A didn't remember much of the night the next morning, but that was OK. She made the most of her fabulous night out - as for her fiance, he was hurting from his night just as much as she was.

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