Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Notes from the Motor City

I spent the past four days in Detroit for a Public Relations conference...learning new practices in thrilling seminars and catching up with my own personal Anna Wintour aka Christina. Detroit is an interesting city, that's for sure. Depressing economy, several Casinos, some nice suburbs, a mayor in jail.....

On Sunday, AW and I went to a lovely place for dinner, moved on to MGM Grand then ended up back at the bar in my hotel. Now, here's something interesting....all of the PR professionals treated this like a singles mixer - it was odd. The few men that were there tried to pick up every available woman. It just so happened that I DID meet a guy - but I actually remembered him from the previous night when we were both eating dinner at the bar, therefore it was not just another single pickup. Either way, he's cute, nice, and tall...but lives in Florida. Boo.

The bar scene at the hotel got a bit heated when AW made a girl flip out, cry, and run away - AW just couldn't stand the girls ugly yellow attire and her obnoxious attitude......

End of conference results: I learned an awful lot, though I feel that last years conference offered more appropriate seminars relating to what I do, I loved catching up with my fabulous friend and I might have made a new one.

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