Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Change of Address

Broadway, club openings, a plethora of museums and sample sales...I made my home for the past year and half in the city that never sleeps. Never a dull moment. Always an exciting adventure around the next corner. Why did I leave?

After handing in resignation for my Account Executive position at a beauty & lifestyle PR firm, I drove a jam packed van through the Holland Tunnel feeling severely overworked, a bit depressed, but with a mind full of oh-so-valuable knowledge. What I learned is irreplaceable and will certainly get me, or at least my body, through life. Go ahead, test me. Do you need to diminish laugh lines? Nip, tuck and pull at the jiggles in your skin? Reverse the age of the back of your hands? How about de-puff those dark circles? Trying to get your jewelry in a fall bridal shoot? Yes, yes. Ask and I shall tell.

Unfortunately, the information I once considered a hot commodity has been put on the back shelf professionally. After accepting a PR position with a non-profit in DC, I had 4 days to relocate. A wonderful relative offered a room to me in their home - thankfully - so I would have time to apartment hunt. Their home is in what I consider the country....the commute was rough, the shopping even rougher, but the dinners were always delicious and the air fresh.

Another change of address....3 months of country living and I've landed back in civilization. My apartment is on the outskirts of DC and was the first available place with what I consider to be normal roommates. With my new commute and raw introduction to DC city life, I'm beginning to think that the USA has it all backwards when they call DC a city. To me, it's just a big neighborhood.

You see, I am the epitome of a true city gal: Transportation = taxis, sometimes subway, prefer town cars; Nightlife = neighborhood bars for beer, VIP in hot spots for lounging; Walking = a grid. Plain and simple; Splurge = half-priced beauty treatments courtesy of Shecky's, designer clothes at 85% off, cupcakes from Magnolias. I'm sure DC has similar attractions...I just need to discover them.

Same girl. Different city. Watch me figure it out.


Lindsey Dukeman said...

I love it!!! Every bit of's YOU to a "T".

Keep writing so I have something to read. HAHA.


Shelby said...

All of it is totally true and that's why it's so good. I always love reading the things that you write because you have a way of sucking me into it. I've told you once and I'm telling you again; You need to write a book! You better get started on it because I want to be the first to buy it!

Enjoy adjusting to the wonderful life of DC!


Samie said...

Shelby didn't write that comment!

Carissa Sutherland Ciuca said...

Oh Katie, I'm so glad you're here and our paths have crossed! Thanks for being you and making every day more fun! xo

(PS- congrats on the new blog, too!)