Friday, July 6, 2007

The Classic Ten

Everyone knows....or at least should know...about The Classic Ten. The top ten articles of fashion that every woman should include in her wardrobe. If you're not familiar, the pieces include:
1. the little black dress
2. the white shirt
3. the cashmere sweater
4. blue jeans
5. the suit
6. high heels
7. pearls
8. lipstick
9. sneakers
10. the trench coat

The book, The Classic Ten is written by Nancy MacDonell Smith and explores the origins, meaning, and remarkable staying power of these staples of fashion. Really, it's a bookshelf must-have for any female with a stylish soul.

I bring up The Classic Ten, because over the years I've put together my own list of Classic Ten...The Classic Ten Beauty Necessities. These items have proven their staying power to my own beauty emergencies time after time. Here they are:

1. bronzer
2. Smiths Rosebud lip balm
3. Preparation H Cooling Gel [works wonders on puffy black eyes]
4. face mask [preference to all-natural ones, like Anakiri]
5. SPF lotion - >15 protects us from those nasty premature wrinkles
6. vaseline [variety of uses: if you think your eyeshadow is just about done, mix the remains in vaseline to create a new lip gloss. Also great for rejuvenating dry skin - slab some on feet after a shower and put on socks. After 20 min you're ready to go, smoothed and moisturized]
7. mineral liquid foundation [minimal use for maximum coverage]
8. a great eyeliner
9. nude lip liner accompanied by lip balm [I suggest Naked Lip from Cat Cosmetics - gives lips a fuller, natural pout]
10. tweezers [ enough said. best light for getting stray hairs is in the car]

Of course, my beauty box also contains random eye shadow, concealers, lid and face primer, hydra spray, a variety of mismatched cosmeceutical products, etc. The important thing is that I keep all products in one, medium sized box. If it doesn't fit in the box when I buy it, then something has to go. This allows me to keep only the items I love, and the junk stays away. Choose wisely.


Samie said...

heyyy you taught me the vaseline and eye shadow makes lip gloss trick!! and every time i tell someone that little trick i always think of my big sister!!! i love you!

Carissa Sutherland Ciuca said...

Classic Katie. I have all of the first 10 and am slowly (but surely) learning to pick up your others. Love how Stella holds your tweezers, that's the best.