Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fare thee well

My good friend A is saying goodbye to cold winters, autumn color changes and new-beginning springs. Next weekend she's packing her bags, loading her car, and moving to sunny Florida where the summer weather lasts forever.

I trekked to PA this past weekend to help celebrate A's departure. L met me in West Chester and we continued on to M and A's apartment. As L and I were catching up during the drive, I let my random thought come out, "what if C is there?" In this case, C is an ex where things did not end so pleasantly.

"Why would he be there?" L said.

I explained the 'why' and she says "doubtful."

Everything at A and M's apartment was great....I love seeing the girls and reminiscing of college days and sorority escapades. After several adult beverages we hop into our cars and head to the hip bar, Kildaire's in King of Prussia. We pay the $3 cover, walk to the back of the bar and up the stairs to the second level where the DJ is spinning some hits. Walking toward the back table where I've spotted our friends, I notice an Asian man that looks familiar.....where do I know him from?

Two seconds later I take in the tall, dark haired man in glasses sitting across from's C.

Grabbing L's arm I whisper "he's here. C is here!" At the bar L and M stare at him while I'm getting drinks....they don't believe it's really C. He looks thinner, significant loss of where near as vibrant as he used to be. Back at our table I decide that I'm pretty sure he's seen me....and if not me, then certainly my friends' staring at his table. I'm the bigger person.....I go over to say hello.

It was fine. Totally fine. He's doing well....I'm doing better.

With that, I go back to the girls, enjoy my drink.....then give hugs and warm wishes to A. One last glance to C on my way out, and I know that when that mess ended, it was probably the best thing that could have happened. He's just standing. I'm soaring.

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