Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dirty Laundry

1. Dirty Laundry is to be kept sacred among those the owner tells. This does not give permission to observers/handlers to do any of the following:
a. tell others
b. speak freely around the owner when in a social situation

2. Dirty Laundry is only to be shared with the most trustworthy friends - obviously you are trusting them to provide you with advice or simply just get it off your chest. Not every friend is entitled to this trust so you should consider yourself lucky.

3. It shows a lack of class to air someones Dirty Laundry. Point is simple: don't do it, no matter who the people in the room are.

4. Come on all you lovely ladies out there....bring back the class I know you have somewhere deep down....possibly far far down, but still. I know it's there!

Foot Note: If one feels like they might burst out some Dirty Laundry, follow this procedure:
1. Pause to think about who you are with
2. How may this affect the owner of the Laundry?
3. Put a Hamper on it!

No one ever said housework was easy.

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