Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Shopping Oasis

I love the holidays. In fact, Black Friday is one of my most favorite holiday's. Yes. It is a holiday. Prices slashed left and right, speed shoppers weaving in and out of the turtles wandering with no direction, and the music. Ahh the music. Nothing puts me in the spirit like Bing Crosby and Mariah.

I spent Black Friday this year at the Danbury Fair Mall in Connecticut with my fabulous friend Christina. A few mishaps early in the day: Christina overslept and I forgot my wallet. We are the absolute best dysfunctional friends you could find. Back on track, we checked out artificial Christmas trees, specials at Williams-Sonoma, and of course all of the important retailers. It was late in the afternoon when we were not only starving for food, but starving for an unsuspected Black Friday miracle. Then it happened.....we suddenly stumbled upon a store we had never laid eyes on before: Martin & Osa. It was a shopping oasis!

Martin & Osa has been around for about a year and is the high-end sister store to American Eagle. With only a handful of select locations around the country, this store brought a breath of fresh air to our tired bodies [and spirits]. Martin & Osa is crisp, clean and had wide open space - you can actually feel the cool breeze lacking in retailers such as Abercrombie, Hollister and H&M. With an oak decor and colorful images of men and women frolicking in the snow, it seems as though you've been transported to Aspen.

Now for the dressing rooms: oh how they impressed me! The waiting area was stocked with comfortably padded benches with an array of magazines to flip through. The dressing rooms: large, with room for two, a call button near the door, a sign explaining the "Free Alterations" policy....and the Fiji water. A cold bottle of Fiji was handed to Christina and I before entering the dressing room. Can you say Heaven on Earth?

Sadly, I was not too impressed with the variety of silk dresses and tops. Silk just lays awfully on people. However, I found that the men's selection was very nice and reasonably priced - that is, for a Black Friday sale. At checkout, my item was placed in a canvas bag, then placed in a large box. The receipt was put into a little white envelope and added to my shopping bag. Yes, Heaven on Earth.

As I write this, I can only hope that Martin & Osa continues their refreshing customer service in each store they open. It's so rare to find a place at the mall that isn't over-heated or mobbed with teeny-boppers.

End of the day analysis: Great Day. Fabulous Company. Family Gift List Complete. Mission Seriously Accomplished.

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