Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a girl thing...

Last week, accompanied by my lovely friends, I experienced Shecky's Girls Night Out. The DAR constitution hall was turned upside down and inside out to accommodate the mass amount of fashionistas, fashion victims and fab vendors. While noticing the obvious no-no's in choice of apparel, free drinks and discounted goods kept me buzzing from table to table. With a complimentary massage throw into the mix and a hot new designer to do PR for, the evening was non other than Fan-freakin-tastic.

DC should really invest more time into finding organizations like Shecky's to fulfill the many wants and needs of its fashion forward women. This is no longer a city of blazers, pant suits and boring, plain navy and grays. DC is experiencing a new splash of color, where a stylish while still conservative dress with a funky necklace can overtake the pant suit on the Hill; where half priced pedicures are more popular on the feet than overpriced taxis; and where dinner and drinks at a trendy bar trumps getting to bed early to be in the office at 7. DC - listen up - the women I saw at Girls Night Out are powerful, trendy and sassy....and we are painting the town.

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