Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ring a ding dang Thong

Lately, I have been hitting the gym pretty hard. Treadmill, elliptical, bike, ab workout, etc....not only are the holidays approaching but there are many weddings to attend next year and I don't want the flab to hang around in any lasting pictures.

The gym is a place for hard core energy exertion and sweating. It's a place to wipe your face on a towel or t-shirt and not be concerned about the way your face is getting red and your hair is untamed. So why is it that last night while on the elliptical I had the absolute un-pleasure of watching a fellow twenty-something run on the treadmill in front of me in nothing but a sports bra and see through white shorts which wonderfully showed off her black thong?

Uh...hello!! When did this become OK? No one wants to have a black thong peeking at them while they are going for 30 plus minutes on a machine. I think it's also safe to assume that this is not attractive to men either.

The thong is a liberating piece of clothing that helps women prevent VPL [visible panty line]. Wonderful for form fitting pants, skirts and dresses. The abuse of the thong through 1. low rise jeans, 2. see through shorts, pants and dresses and 3. namesake bikini bottoms - have given thongs a bad rep. My wish for the fashion forward and respectable lady is to please, please, please use the thong appropriately. It will save both the trend and yourself from embarrassment.

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