Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blossoms in my Charmed Life

After being absent from my Charmed Life since December [and it's now spring - Cherry Blossom season to be exact] I decided it was time to get back on the wagon. I'm amazed that a full year has gone by since the big move to DC. Many things have happened - some good, some bad, some I can't explain.

For starters, DC is still a big neighborhood that should seriously consider extending its metro hours and possibly adding some taller men. Good thing: the Mayor is enforcing meters in the taxis [FINALLY], however, the taxi drivers are protesting it, but then again, it's DC - the peps here will find anything to protest.

Bad thing: Every guy I've gone out with just hasn't worked out quite so well. On the way to one date a bird got its nasty right on my head, which supposedly means good luck. Uh....not in this case. Mr. X turned out to be borderline insane and believes that our fine country is headed toward anarchy. Hmm. Mr. Y turned out to be socially awkward despite his outgoing initial appearance. I suppose there's a level of intoxication that creates that illusion. Mr. Z sent me a cute text after the date saying that if it hadn't been so cold out his next step would have been a kiss. Mr. Z fell off the face of the Earth after I responded. Wow. Aside from XYZ, it's hard to date short men, which is exactly the kind of man that usually pursues me.

Moving on. Last month I attend a fabulous party at the German Embassy - it was Germany's Karneval celebration [details courtesy of Things to Do DC -]. What did I learn from this event? That Germans know how to throw a PAAARRRTTYYY! The open bar was delightful, the music danceable, the food German [obvi] and the men....well, the men short, tall, strange, outgoing, and unexplainable. One serious note about the event though: if you've been invited to a black tie affair PLEASE please please dress appropriately. Being under dressed is never acceptable.

Moving on again. My personal life is utter chaos right now. One friends wedding cancelled, another moved her date up, three more weddings to attend this summer, oh and two babies on the way from two very fabulous friends. On top of that work is crazy, my apartment is literally falling apart and will be moving soon, but the positive is that I've decided to stick it out in DC for another year.

Sidenote 1: Was the protest on K Street yesterday really worth it? Why can't they just stick to the parks and sidewalks? Quite an inconvenience during my rainy day cab ride to Dupont Circle.

Sidenote 2: baseball season is starting and I must say that the Nationals pitcher J.B. is a cutie. Perhaps I can lure him to one of my work events?? That would be quite lovely indeed.

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