Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flying high

There's a common misconception among men that women who know what they like are picky and high maintenance. Last night, while discussing jewelry styles, trends and ultimately which designer I prefer, a man I know said those exact words to me.

"You're picky and high maintenance."

I was surprised and said "because I know which style of jewelry I prefer? Knowing what works for me and what doesn't shouldn't qualify me as picky and high maintenance."

Sure, I'm picky about the food I eat, the beverages I drink, and perfume I wear, but in general I'm always willing to try new things. I'm not one to cast something aside because I'm just not sure about it - instead I follow my motto, Carpe Diem, and plunge into the unknown. Afterwards I'm able to decide if it's a like or dislike. This isn't something to be ashamed of.

Everyone is picky. As for high maintenance, yes I qualify....but for myself. I never expect my friends or boyfriend to buy me only things I like [and refuse the things that I don't like], only go to the places I prefer, or insist that they change a part of themselves to fit into my idea of fabulous. Everyone I know is fabulous is their own way. They have issues, can play a drama queen card when necessary, but are completely infallible and wonderful.

So, to my dear male friends I say....let me, and all women, be.

**psycho bitches are not part of crowd**

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