Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Growing Up

Things I learned growing up......

1. Most ground balls that are missed go under the glove

2. It's not a good idea to touch the bottom of a microwave after you just made popcorn - your hand WILL burn

3. Every young lady should have a set of pearls

4. It's never to early to develop your fashion style

5. Practice practice practice - dad's words at softball, flute, soccer....anything really

6. Gentleness often accomplishes more than harshness

7. Yard work is an undesirable job but someones got to do it.....and getting an allowance for it doesn't really make it more pleasant

8. Aesop's Fables is the most useful form of punishment

9. Carpe Diem

10. Defrost ALL the windows before backing out of the driveway

11. Barbie dolls come as young women, men, Skipper & friends and the little babies. But everyone knows that in an imaginary world, you need to have a grandmother. The only proper way to create a Barbie grandma is to cut off the hair of one of your older Barbies. Maybe one day Mattel will understand this.

12. Cops and Robbers is best played in the dark with flashlights

13. Camping, even in your own backyard, just isn't a good idea - Creepy crawlers are everywhere

14. Don't grow Mint in your garden - it takes over the yard and is uncontrollable

15. If a babysitter isn't fun, you can misbehave....just know that you will be punished the next morning for it

16. If you take your hands off the handle bar on your bike because you're scared, you will most likely fall or hit something

17. It's hard to play a fair game of capture the flag when the teams are girls vs boys

18. Dads have the best reading voices, regardless of how old you get

19. If you don't keep your room clean, you may end up without a bedroom door - "privacy is a privilege"

20. Christmas isn't about consumer products and wanting, it's about being with people you care about....and drinking egg nog while decorating a Charlie Brown tree

21. When driving, do it with the utmost caution!

22. The fastest way to back out of a driveway is to have children push it out

23. The most delicious cookies are the ones that Mom let's you mush/mix with your hands

24. Mom's china is delicate....handle with caution and set the table properly

25. Family game night is both torturous and fabulous - especially if it involves having a pizza picnic on the family room floor.

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