Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend of wonderfuls

This past weekend I 1. hosted book club 2. reconnected with the one and only Megan Hannah - future courtroom ball cracker 3. attended a military fundraiser 4. had a dance party with Pam at Union Jacks 5. watched the Eagles fight a tough battle against the Giants [36-31! ugh]

The military fundraiser is thrown each year by a man my friend knows. His brother was killed in Iraq and in memory of him they put together an annual fundraiser, donating the proceeds to a different military charity each time. Sadly, I did not win anything from the raffle, but Pam and I enjoyed our beverages. We did meet a rather sour man who hates Philadelphia as well as New York City. Hmmm...problem there...I love both of those places. After a quick exchange of words with Pam and I over how much we love those two cities and how rude he was, he walked away. We also witnessed some appalling behavior by some of the guests at the fundraiser. A group of four didn't want to tip the waiter because they had just "donated money to the charity" - here's an FYI to anyone attending a fundraiser: Make a donation, the size of it doesn't matter, and tip the wait staff! It's rude not to!

We moved on to a bar we love after the fundraiser to dance our little hearts out. It was only after the music switched to all Spanish that we skipped out the door. Throughout the night we entertained ourselves with pictures and giggles.

Sunday Sunday Sunday - worked my last Sunday at the gym yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Now I'm counting down the days until next weekend.....

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