Sunday, May 11, 2008

Domestic Goddess

In Manhattan I was famous for not cooking. Meals out or in, I could never take credit for the delicious items I consumed. NYC's finest chefs made my friends and I some tasty yummies and when not out, I dined courtesy of genius's such as Stouffers, Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine.

Recently, I have done the unthinkable and started cooking. Yes. I cook. Starting last fall, I mastered a delectable pumpkin crumb cake that my family raved about. Moving on from there, I began collecting recipes from relatives, friends and my trusty magazines. I'm pleased to announce that I can now make several different poultry and fish dishes, not to mention my signature stir fry that is a go-to meal when I forget to plan one.

Yesterday my roommate, T, and I spent part of our day at Ikea purchasing some much needed household items. T is moving out at the end of this month and taking with her most of our kitchen. I never thought I would say this, but I had a rather amusing time picking out kitchen gadgets....but most important is the fact that I actually know how to use each item!

I do believe you can now refer to me as a Domestic Goddess.

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