Thursday, May 8, 2008

The first Mrs.

It happened. One of us is now a Mrs.

S is the first of my college loves to walk down the aisle and say "I do." And with a reception as lovely as the bride is, my friends and I danced the night away.

A string quartet played in the church, the ring bearer stumbled and made a funny comment, J, S's new husband, had a glisten in his eyes when he said his vows, and their first dance together was the perfect Kodak moment. It was lovely. And dear friend S....aimed her bouquet at me. Smack dab in my stomach. Supposedly that should bring me luck and whatever else the superstition means.....

It's a strange thing to know that S has a new last name. I'm going to miss the old one. But it's a new beginning....a new life together....and I'm so happy for her. As the MOH I gave a toast - and ended it with a quote from Dante: Remember tonight, for it's the beginning of always. And I know from the way they gazed at each other that night that they will always remember it and they will be happy.

This is the start of my wedding season. 3 more to go this summer - bring on the cake!

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