Saturday, May 17, 2008

Owning the dance floor

Last night was a very good night indeed. Six of us gathered together at Nirvana on 18th and K St to celebrate the birthday of one of our lovelies. Nirvana's vegetarian Indian food was delicious and the company was splendid. After catching up and making toasts for the birthday girl, four of us headed off to a wine bar to continue the evening.

Another glass down and two of us, R and I, gave hugs goodbye to the others and hopped in a cab to head to our next destination....Chief Ike's Mambo Room in Adam's Morgan. Chief Ike's is my go-to place for dancing. While the dance floor isn't exactly roomy, the DJ spins some fantastic songs, throwing in some old school favorites, and the people that flock to it come from all walks of life.

At Chief Ike's we met up with more friends and hit the dance floor. Something I love is that one thing all of my groups of friends have in common, is that we own the dance floor. We don't care about anything other than strutting our stuff and having the time of our lives. Last night J pulled out some moves that I haven't seen since 80s music videos, but it rocked. R threw on her flip flops and did her thing like she always does. Together, our large group was the center of the Mambo Room universe.

Despite being out until 2 am, I managed to pull myself out of bed, sore legs and all, and get over to Bethesda, where J and her dog, Delilah, were participating in a dog parade. The sun was shining, the temperature warm, and tons of dogs dressed up ever so was a good morning.

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