Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Mystery of Female Assets

Last night I was out with two of my lovely ladies, tearing up the dance floors around Adams Morgan. Around midnight we settled ourselves at Tom Tom. Regardless of where we go, there is a common theme that seems to follow us from dance floor to dance floor. We have nice assets..literally...ASSets.

It's been a long running joke with my Christopher cousins that we all (or, rather, most of us) have a shapely buttocks. It's one of our traits and we love and embrace it. However, what I can't figure out is why the men of this world have an obsession with our derrieres. Last night, with P and V, the men crowded around, leaving us with very little breathing room. While it's nice to be admired, it's another thing to be groped. We three all have pretty decent assets, but that doesn't mean we enjoy having our hips..and other areas..tugged at by strangers. My question: is it actually our assets that men love or is it the confidence of us dancing around with our assets that is a mind stimulator?

Yes, women size up the assets of men as well, but it's certainly not what attracts us to a slow wind on the floor. We admire from a distance and most of us don't reach out for a touch unless we intimately know the man. Though I will say there are those women who give us a bad rep by being extremely forward, but for me and my ladies, we tend to keep it classy.

I don't think I'll ever figure out why our assets are so desirable - but if you're a man reading this, feel free to enlighten me - for now I will leave it with mentioning that it is thoroughly exhausting when men flock the assets, especially on girls night out.

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