Monday, October 26, 2009

One of Those Weekends...

This past weekend was one of those great October weekends that fits the season perfectly. On Saturday I took a drive down to Bridgewater, VA to visit my cousin Ali. She's a freshman at Bridgewater College. The two hour drive was gorgeous - pretty mountains, trees with leaves of orange, red, and yellow, the sun rising (because I left before it was up!) was just perfect.

Ali and I ate at her dining hall....which I have to say doesn't even compare to the dining hall where I went to school, and the standards weren't set very high. After brunch we wandered around the local mall for a bit where I found a fabulous dress to wear out dancing later that night. Our final stop of the visit was at the movie theater. My crazy cousin talked me into seeing Saw 6. I thought I was going to vomit within the first 5 minutes!

Saturday night, which I wrote about yesterday, I danced around Adams Morgan with P and V.

Yesterday was another perfect October day. I went with C and baby Adam to the Halloween parade in Alexandria, VA. Adam was dressed as a monkey and was absolutely adorable! I was very impressed with many of the was a surprise to see so many Star Wars and Where the Wild Things Are costumes. One disturbing costume though, was a mother and daughter both dressed as Geisha. I found that to be a little inappropriate...

After the parade, Rachel (who we were all so happy to see since she's been so swamped lately) and I went to Pacers in Old Town so that I could pick up some new running socks and then went back to her apartment where I helped her re-organize her clothes and room. I love doing that, so to all my friends who may need help in that department, let me know! After dinner at the French Bistro in Dupont I headed home.

It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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