Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Clutter in my life

Cluter, clutter, clutter. Right now my life is cluttered by things. Friend's getting married, family parties, dental visits, moving apartments, and work. Work, work, work. Clutter, clutter, clutter. The parties, get togethers and whatnot are fabulous to go to of course, it just takes a toll. The summer is gone and I feel like I haven't done anything for myself [other than Mexico which resulted in E.Coil].

The majority of June was spent in Kentucky for a work project. July was spent entirely out of town....wedding, bachelorette party, trip to Mexico, graduation party. August started off with two weddings followed by intense packing for the move, and then finally the actual move. I moved from a crap apartment to a 5 star condo. Excited? Yes. Stressed? Naturally. Lately I've had so much on my mind that my dreams at night are getting a bit out of control. Oh, and let's not forget the break off I just did with the guy who was bad for me. Yes, I'm feeling a bit stressed and severely missing the careless summers I knew not to long ago. Even when living in NYC, my weekends were spent on the Long Island beaches or at my relatives house in Connecticut. Those were wonderful weekends.

I hate to accept the idea that my summers will be like this forever - I need to start doing more things for myself, stress a little less, and have a ball.

One fabulously wonderful thing about summer ending is the start of the Eagles season. You can be sure that I will be hitting up Rhino bar in Georgetown as often as possible to catch my beloved Birds kick some butt. Ditto to the Broad Street Bullies.

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