Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Downfall of an Icon (?)

It's safe to assume that I am one of Britney's most loyal fans. I have always maintained the notion that her career will bounce back and place her on top of the totem pole once again - and there I would be, standing in line with her fresh album burning hot in my hands. I don't believe that she has the range and tone of mastermind singer Christina Aguilera; or that she possesses the cult attraction and following of Madonna, who has been a constant in the musical world for 24 solid years and a personal favorite of mine. But Brit has something else that I love. Each album she released contained lyrics that, word for word, described the position in life I was in....how I felt, what I was doing...testing the waters of life. On each album I could find a few songs that matched me perfectly. For this reason, I will always be interested in what she will produce next.

I'm just not sure now if she will actually be able to produce anything that truly relates to me. While Brit has fallen so far downhill, I've continued my climb up. I'm not compromised by wanna-be rappers in baggy jeans, I'm not reproducing like a rabbit, and I'm certainly not lackadaisical in hygiene. She's fallen so severely far down, that I'm not quite sure she'll be able to bring herself back up. Her disastrous photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine has exposed her mental state to the world - the only conclusion is that she needs 1. therapy, 2. medication and 3. a dog trainer. [http://www.tmz.com/2007/07/23/britneys-disastrous-photo-shoot/]

Maybe calling Brit an Icon is going a little too far. However, she will certainly go down in the books as the Pop Princess and for her record breaking influence is the industry. Whether you like her music or not, she once reigned supreme over the pop world, second only to Madonna.

So for now, until she "does it again" - RIP Britney Spears - your toxic music and dancing will be missed.

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