Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sun kissed

I arrived back from Florida this morning - and will need about three days to recover. M & B were the perfect hosts and showed off the fantastic Ft. Lauderdale area. The beach, as it always is way south of the border, was heaven. Yes, the sand was scorching from the sun, but the water is crystal clear and rather the baby pool at the local swim club, minus the babies and their liquid. There's nothing I love more than splashing around in the clear water absolutely carefree - not worrying about what sea creature might be lurking like in the north Atlantic. A few hours of water play and I realized that the Sun God himself had kissed me....drenched me with color so graciously that I'm actually looking a bit red. Ah well, I think it was worth it.

M & B took me to the Hard Rock Casino, which even my 15 year old sister is familiar with thanks to Anna Nicole Smith's rather public death there last winter. Here's a secret: I've never gambled. Not once. So, M took me to a slot machine while B and his friend hit up the tables. I only put a dollar in the slot, and sadly lost it. I'm really not a fan of putting out money if I'm not guaranteed it back...that dollar could have been better spent towards a martini. I guess me & gambling were never meant to be.

The rest of the weekend was full of drinks, pool, sun and fun. I'm now trying to rid my body of the high volume of alcohol still gurgling around in my stomach and catch up on some beauty rest. End result: they live in a fabulous area, where planes fly at fabulous rates; I don't see why I won't be back again soon.

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Samie said...

hey ... thanks for acknowledging me in this beuatiful "sun kissed" entry (not that anyone would know who your 15 year old sister is .. but its me)

love you