Thursday, July 12, 2007

Leaving On a Jet Plane

This morning I crawled out of bed somewhere around 6 am. Marking the earliest time I've risen since moving into my new pad, I was desperate to hit snooze a few more times. Alas, I could not do so as I had neglected to pack my bags for my south Florida trip earlier in the week as originally planned. I can't help that my social calendar fills up quickly....ah, or gets added to at the last minute.

Tonight I fly to Miami to spend a few days with M, who has been living down there for almost two years; who I have regretfully not managed to visit yet. As we don't get to see each other often thanks to the annoying length of the east coast, I'm ecstatic to spend the weekend beach bumming, shopping and sipping martinis with her. Possibly a little dancing.....but that would require a high amount of intoxication for M.

Today is not only the start of my mini-vaca, but also a day of firsts. It's the first time I've done an online check-in. After a few complications with work printers, I have successfully checked-in, printed my boarding pass, and will be heading to the airport courtesy of the big blue Super Shuttle van in a few short hours. The pure joy of not having to wait in the long line of crabby, gum cracking travelers upon arriving at the airport is giving me the necessary energy to get through the morning. Now, the line for security is another story.....

Bon voyage....I wish I could be singing "don't know when I'll be back again...." but my return ticket says otherwise.

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Dominique said...

Have a fun trip and sip a martini for me! :)